Four: Okay, get Tree to me to do the challenge.
Charles Red: This should be simple, since I saw Tree here somewhere.
Some hours later...
Charles Red: Where is he?? Wait, I think I know what to do... BRICKY!
Bricky casually appears
Bricky: What is it?
Charles Red: Can you help me with getting Tree to Four? Pretty sure it's ok if we do that together.
Bricky: Sure, I'll help you!
Charles Red: Aight, so I'll make a clone of Saw, since I heard that Tree is attracted to him- AHEM and you'll place your lego bricks that can freeze people near it, so that when he comes there and steps on it, we'll hear it and he'll have no chance of escaping.
Bricky: Sounds like a good plan!
Some hours later, when Charles Red makes the clone...
Charles Red: Alrighty, now give me the bricks and I'll make a trap out of them.
Bricky: emkay
3 minutes later...
Charles Red: Okay, now that the trap is done, we must hide in the bushes.
Bricky: emkaay
They hide in the bushes
5 minutes later...
Charles Red: There you are!
They get out of the bushes and take Tree to Four
Four: Damn, already? Oh, he's frozen. Whatever, you both did the challenge, you are free to do your things.
Charles Red: yey
Bricky: yey indeed

the end